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What benefits can you get from purchasing a pre-owned home?

Posted by on September 27, 2022

Pre-owned properties are a fantastic option if you’re looking to purchase a new house. You can find yourself in a situation where you gain equity in your new house before you even close if your pre-sale home is situated in a neighborhood where home values are rising, and demand is high.

That’s just one illustration. What are the benefits of owning a presale home, you may be wondering? This article discusses many factors you should consider when choosing new homes. 

But first, know what a presale home is.

What Is a Presale Home? 

A presale home is up for sale before it is ready for habitation. You can decide to buy a house before the building starts, or you might decide to buy a house when work is already going on. The term “new construction” refers to a situation where a home’s construction is complete and ready for habitation but has not yet been sold.

Pre-construction and newly built homes should be included in your search for new residences.

What Advantages Can Pre-Sale House Purchases Offer?

You might not have as much competition as you would if you bought a house at a resale auction. This varies depending on the property, location, and proposed amenities.

Some presale residences could indeed get a lot of interested parties right away. However, buying a presale property is a proven way to avoid all that worry and aggravation in housing markets, where buyers typically have to make bids on several homes and run the chance of being outbid.

A presale house purchase also allows you additional time to increase your savings. A presale home allows you more time to save money for your new home, even if you have already been prequalified for your mortgage or preapproved. 

Additionally, purchasing a presale provides you more time to sell your home if you already own one, maybe for a better price as home values continue to climb.

New construction properties will be more energy-efficient than older ones, so keep that in mind. The newest energy-efficient building methods and materials were used to develop your potential new house, which minimizes its environmental impact and helps you save money on power bills.

One further response to the question “What are the benefits of purchasing a presale home?” is that you can have your new home’s features and finishes customized to your preferences and lifestyle to represent your taste completely.

If you’re considering buying a new house, going with a presale home can let you pick the homesite and floor plan of your dreams. 

When deciding to build a new house, you must picture how the floor plan will appear once it is finished, but it also allows you the chance to get exactly what you want in new construction homes.

What Function Does a Realtor Play in the Presale Home Buying?

Due to their expertise in the presale housing market, familiarity with key players in the sector, and capacity to keep up with new developments, a Burnaby realtor who specializes in presale homes can be a genuine help to a first-time home buyer. 

They serve as your guide throughout the search and closing processes, making sure you comprehend and feel at ease with each step. 

Moreover, they can frequently provide a more accurate image of the finished project within its pre-construction context and will frequently have helpful insight into promotions and incentives.


When you buy a pre-sale house, you can lock in your mortgage rate, ensuring that you will still receive the agreed-upon rate when the contract is signed, even if mortgage rates increase while your new home is being built.

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